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Why do Magento eCommerce companies outsource?

Nowadays, more and more online stores using outside resources, so the question is Why do Magento eCommerce companies outsource?
Outsourcing is the process through which company makes an assignment with another company to provide labour or to play some function for them instead of using their own staff to carry out the function. Today, outsourcing is becoming more popular. Many companies are now outsourcing their businesses, due to the benefits that can be derived from it. Today, outsourcing has taken a new turn. It is no longer limited to businesses in the brick and mortar shops. Businesses in the internet and other computer-based systems known as e-commerce or in brief are now being outsourced.

Most Changes Magento ecommerse stores faced

1. Difficulty in operating
Magento store owners still face some operational difficulties while working on it. Though they aren’t critical and a little knowledge about Magento knowledge to resolve the problems. Magento uses more RAM space than others as it is based on PHP coding and developers requires to keep this in mind while working on the platform. Difficulty in operating on the very platform your ecommerce business is based on, can can escalate into a big problem in the long run.
2. Migrating to newer version
If your business is already doing well online, it can be a little cumbersome for you to move to the upgraded version of Magento. But it is crucial as well, keeping in mind the security and of your site and much more advanced technology at offer. Moving into Magento 2 version can result in breakdown and data loss.
3. Data Security
In a digital world, with the increased use of technologies and devices, security concerns related to protecting personal and financial information of customers, are also growing. Forbes reports that eBay faced a database security breach last year, wherein the non-financial, personal information of several customers was compromised. A web or mobile application that does not provide security to customers will result in losing their trust.
4. Digital Marketing
In an increasingly competitive online space, effective digital marketing strategies need to be in place to reach out to online shoppers and communicate the offering and promotions to them. Besides ranking well in search engine results so that consumers can find it easily, engaging content also needs to be created for social networks. E-commerce companies, thus, have to employ marketing strategies that help customers to differentiate them from others.

For eCommerce companies, all these challenges often act as roadblocks to customer satisfaction. An experienced ousourcing service provider with eCommerce support services can come to the aid of these businesses to enable them to reach their potential.

Benefits of Magento ecommerce companies outsourcing

1. Reduce Costs
Company’s goal is getting more profitability or new customer’s acquisition, using outsourcing reduces hiring, retention, HR and a long list of other costs.
2 . Flexibility
Whether you only need to boost your pipeline for the next 12 months or you need 2 closers to focus on the sudden demand from a new market, you will find flexibility with outsourcing compared to the hoops you need to go through internally.
3. IT support
A certified Magento outsourcing can provide Magento eCommerce companies with robust software applications that ensure security and ease of use through the checkout process. Hiring a Magento Developer who outsources the design, development, testing, and quality assurance processes for web and mobile applications, the load can be taken off the IT team of the eCommerce company to focus on other critical issues.
Other IT support tasks that can be outsourced are:

  • Webpage Updating
  • Magento Installation
  • Magento Website Maintenance
  • Magento Extension Customization
  • Server and Network Monitoring
  • Magento Website Building
  • Magento Website Optimization

4. Product Information Management
Through effective data management services, a specialist Magento website development company can provide eCommerce companies with optimal product information management. This ensures that complete information, including representative imagery, is available about all the products on the website, in a manner that makes the research and purchase process easy for the user.

With the new release of Magento 2, only developers who are totally understand the code of Magento 2 could help your eCommerce websites. For your information, check Best Magento 2 Extensions and Plugins 2017.
In conclusion, it is undeniable that hiring outsourcing plays a vital role in development of online stores. The answers above help to explain Why do magento eCommerce companies outsource.

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