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How retailers are setting up to get mobile customers in National Day of Happiness

According to some newest statistics, the number of mobile users will reach 4.77 billion this year ( . This sign presents a big chance for all retailers to get more from mobile devices shoppers, especially on an important day like International Day of Happiness.

With this in mind, retailers should take their opportunity to show what’s their best to customers. Here’s how retailers are setting up to get buyers on National Day of Happiness.

1. Always be the first to give what shoppers need

Customer can easily access to providers’ site anytime, anywhere only with their mobile phones. This make things softer for ecommerce businessmen to brainstorm about their tactics. Many ecommerce retailers send out a Happiness email before the end of February hoping shoppers check out this soon. It seems effective that customers tend to read mail on their free time.

A beautiful email showing gift guides on awesome design will attract shoppers spend their time on your site more than anything else. The more they dive in your site the less bounce rate be. This is what succesful retailers call “kill two birds with one stone”.

2. Creating a new category for Happiness Day only

Not only for National Happiness Day only, you should create a special category for each National important day as well. It’s essential for both website and mobile optimization because this is what buyers want to go straight in and look for the most suitable gift. For instance, customers such as couple or family would like to go in advance gift choosing process.

The other good choice is to create category bases on gender and price. Likewise, it will allow users to further filter gift by each type.

Don’t worry about too much catagories. Many ecommerce platforms now can provide your site tools to add or remove category instantly.

3. Generate lovely banner

On these special occasion, your site should have some special banners too. It helps customers feel like they are in right place, right time to do the right thing for their own holiday. Moreover, nice banners increase your site outlook which provoke interest from mobile users. Who knows leads source come from this.

The banners is just like a title tag in one SEO-optimized article. They are not only showing your main point to shoppers but telling them you are going to give them what they are seeking for.

4. Offer free delivery and free gift wrapping
Buyers though mobile devices understand that they must paid for fast shipping service. It’s time to surprise them by giving a small gift from shop. This is super effective on any special occasion than normal. Customers will remember your online shop and their convenient experiences they had there. It’s for a long run campain on getting loyalty customers.
5. Don’t forget to generate some discount

Discount is just like services above, your main purpose is to persuade mobile customers about your retailer prestige, make them have some ideas of your store when they want to buy things.

Making money from mobile devices ecommerce is not like from computer devices. However, many potential oppoturnities come from this source. Setting some goals is important but don’t forget focusing on how to do it. Using the unique days like The National Day of Happiness could be the best way to get customers so far.

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