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Best Magento 2 Extensions and Plugins 2017

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Magento is an e-commerce website platform which was born in the era of shopping online. Can’t deny that Magento is growing big and bigger over time. But if you’re not expert or developer in web development, it’s hard to find the best extensions and plugins which are suitable for your e-commerce website. So in this article, I’ll list almost must-have Magento extensions and plugins in 2017 you’ll need to completely build your best store.

1. One Step Checkout

Everyone in e-commerce field knows the importance of One-Step-Checkout, the more step customer needs to complete, the more chance they would abandon the shopping card. MageStore developed an extension can fulfill every merchant’s needs: every payment methods or shipping change would be updated immediately and automatically, customer’s IP address is detected automatically and therefore their location would be determined, just in case they would like to edit some details, they can do it quickly by suggestions

With simple but informative design, OSC by Magestore gives a 3-column layout which is available to choose up to customer’s needs. This plugin also provides responsive design for various kind of device’s screen: desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphone.


2. Inventory Management

This sort of extension help you in keep on track and follow the product count, solve the problems related to export and import goods, let you easily give out an inventory plan for 1 week, 1 month or 6 months. This is the best solution for sending, requesting stock, purchasing orders, payment and shipping

This extension also allows you to control and manage your store’s real stock effortlessly, saving you a heap of time in the process. Furthermore, it always updates with low stock notification and helps to make better decisions with comprehensive inventory daily reports.


Having a combined POS and inventory management solution is a must-have for retail stores that want to be more efficient and accurate. Web POS, a web-based Point of Sale extension for Magento, is specially designed to integrate with this Inventory Management extension.

3. Social Login

When shopping online, customers don’t want to create account whenever they get into the new website just to log in and buy some stuff. So the ideal idea is to let them log in via social media account which exists before.

Social login let your customers can create and login into your store by social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit. And you can decide where the login buttons appear: Homepage, or when customer login or in the registration page. Also, this module allows implement in multiple stores, with simple installation and few-step setup process.

4. Magento Multi-vendor

If you’re building your website towards this direction which allows multi-vendor to sell their product on just one website, then this is exactly what you need. All you have to do is create your website, install this plugin and let other external sellers place their product on it. Your turn, you will get free promotion, a growing stream of traffic and customers and a development of your reputation.

With this, you can view other seller’s good, approve and disapprove anything you perceive as violating your terms of service. You are also can view orders listed by customers one by one.

Customers also can view any merchant’s profile, their products, check goods availability, compare prices for different sellers and even leave a review after purchasing.

5. Gift Cards

Most sellers underestimate the benefits that gift card can bring into their businesses. It encourages the customer to look around stores. For example, if you have an electronic product website, a new customer might decide to check in because they have the gift card for goods you have. In that way, card serves as the visitor’s doorway into your business. And include many other advantages as boosting brand, enhancing sales, maintaining current visitors and mistake makes gift cards a tactic to consider.

6. Affiliates Extensions

If you want to implement other programs with different commission rates based on customers or product groups. Then this affiliates modules can help you create as many programs as you want.

With Standard package of Affiliate Plus for Magento 2, you can decide 1 type of commission and discount and can’t limit any conditions to apply. And if you want to implement different programs with different commission rates, depend on product categories or customers, then you need this plugin.

No need to worry because this "Multi-Program" plugin will allow you create such programs without a hitch! You are able to run a lot of Affiliate campaigns at the same time so attendees will feel extremely convenient when they can select their preferable program.

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